Tui-Toga Talaaifeii expelled by Tapatoa & Tapuloa of Atua

Tui-Toga Talaaifeii expelled by Tapatoa & Tapuloa.

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Historically, A’ana was one of the predominant powers in Samoa. A’ana and Atua were never occupied by Tongans, only areas of Tuamasaga. Tuamasaga eventually becoming heavily intermarried with Tongans after Tui-Toga Talaaifeii, King of Tonga was expelled by the heroic pair of Warriors from Atua called Tapatoa and Tapuloa.

Ulumasui a desendant of the ‘Tuiatua Tualemoso’ clan finally took the name Malietoa which was called out by the King Tui-Toga to Tapatoa and Tapuloa.

“Ioe Taputoa, Ioe Tapuloa,
Ua Malie toa! Ua Malie tau!
Ou te le toe sau i le auliuli tau.
Ae o le a ou sau i le auliuli folau.”

At a national level, the district is home to one of the four Tama-a-Aiga titles in the Tuimalealiifano title based at Falelatai. In recent times, it has become common for both titles to be held by the same person.

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NOTE ALSO: There is two different version inregards this same event in the history of Samoa.

The other story stated the two warriors were ‘Tuna’ and ‘Fata’ of Tuamasaga or in Savai’i island of Samoa. And the Malietoa title was given to the older brother name Savea.

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