Paramount Chief Title Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown Of Ti’avea Aleipata (Scotishman from Great Britain)


Father: David Brown (of Leif South, Scotland).
Mother: Ann Bain (of Scotland: David’s first Spouse).
1. Son: Alexander Brown, Born: 28 July 1810 Scotland, baptism 12 August 1810.
2. Son: James Brown, Born: 17 October, 1813 Scotland, baptism 14 November 1813.
3. Son: David Brown, Born: 30 December 1814 Scotland, baptism in 1815.
Father: David Brown (of Leif South, Scotland).
Mother: Ann Murdock (of Scotland: David’s Second Spouse).
1. Son: David Lennox Brown, Born 22 July 1822 Scotland, baptism 2 September 1822.

Alexander Brown was born on the 28th July 1810 in Scotland, Great Britain. His father was Mr. David Brown a Scotishman and his mother was Ann Bayne. Mr David Brown a Soldier and Blacksmith in his rank of profession was resided at Leith South, Scotland in Great Britain. Alexander Brown, was known in Samoa as ‘Tuimanu’a’ the holder of the high ranking title, a Paramount chief in the 18th century bestowed to him by the King Tui-Manu’a of Manu’a island at Tau where abouts the palace of the King or Queen Tui-Manu’a in the eastern side of Western Samoa (apparently by Tui-Manu’a Kamalita). Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown was a Captain of his trading cargo ship a widow and a rank in profession of Trading at the age of 67 years. Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown was legally married to Miss. Ainoama on the 21st day of April 1877. Alexander was 67 years of age and Miss Ainoama was 22 years old. (Miss Ainoama was a daughter of high-talking Chief: Su’a of Samusu village in Aleipata, Upolu in Western Samoa.) And they have four children namely: Phobe Malia Brown, Anne Vaelua Brown, Emma Brown, and William Vili Brown. Alexander Brown was also accompanied by his eldest daughter name Miss Jane (Sieni) Brown from his former spouse back in Scotland. He also had six Hawaiian crewmen picked up from Hawaii on the way to the Manu’a island for his four sails cargo ship.

Father: Alexander Brown of Ti’avea Samoa (Son of David Brown and Ann Bain in Scotland).
Mother: Ainoama Su’a o Samusu Ti’avea Samoa (Daughter of Su’a in Samusu Samoa).
Married: 21 April 1877 Samoa: British Consulate: British Conculs District of Navigators Islands. This marriage solemnized between them in the British Consulate according in the precises of the Counsellors: Edward A. Liaradro, and in the presence of: D.S. Parker, and T. Dickson.
1. Daughter: Phoebe Malia Brown, Born: Feburary 1873.
2. Daughter: Ann Vaelua Brown, Born: March 1875.
3. Daughter: Emma Brown, Born: June 1880.
4. Son: William (Vili) Brown, Born: 25 July 1881.

Also Note: Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown of Ti’avea apparently had 6 other Spouses in Samoa.

Miss Jane Brown was married to high chief Tupuola Auvale of Lona Fagaloa in Upolu Samoa. Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown has great grand daughters through the marriage of his daughter Miss Jane Brown, that one was named ‘Afugalooletuimanu’a’, the name means ‘The Forgotten or Lost or Spent Strength (sweat)’ of Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown in Fagaloa. Another granddaughter was named ‘Afulilooletuimanu’a’, the name means the ‘Tuimanua’s Strength (afu)’ buried in Fagaloa. There is a lake there in the village of Fagaloa called ‘AFULILO’ was named after Tuimanu’a Alexander John Brown. The other granddaughter was also named ‘Fa’amalumalugaoletuimanu’a’, the name was to remind the bestowing of the highest Title Tuimanu’a to Alexander Brown of Scotland by King Tui-Manu’a of Manu’a island. Apparently it was not a paramount chief title as usual but a King’s Title of a small island of Manu’a and its true. You would prove that if refer to history between the King Tui-Toga of Tonga and King Tui-Manu’a of Manu’a in those days that we still follow up.

Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown also his grandson through the marriage of his daughter Anne Vaelua Brown to Tafea Lomano Maioa of the King Fonoti Tupu Tafa’ifa of Samoa family lineage. He was Fonoti Mata’utia Ioane Brown of Lotofaga and Lalovaea. Born 17 Feb 1901 and died 9 Oct 1974. He was educated at Marist Brothers School from 1908 to 1913. He worked with Westbrook and Burns Philip as a Salesman, and he became an entrepreneur himself and was the first Samoan successful businessman to distinguish himself in this field. He owned many successful companies, and was also became the most successful planters and cattlemen. BUSINESSMAN: He owned a Bakery in Matatufu, A trading vessel called ‘Star Of The Sea’ and was engaged in Agricultural Development in Lotofaga. (In time he became The Most Successful of Planters and Cattlemen). He Established the First Primary School at Lotofaga which taught Agricultural Subjects. J.B. Fonoti Set up: The Samoa Traders Ltd.; The Mulifanua Trading Ltd.; and JB Fonoti Ltd. He also opened a Supermarket including a Bakery with delivery for Aleipata district and Lotofaga district Atua from his property in Lotofaga. POLITICIAN: While engaged to all Business Activities, Hon J.B. Fonoti was also a Successful Politician. He was the leader of The Fono a Faipule of Government of Samoa from 1939 to 1947. And was also a member of the Government of Samoa Legislative Assembly from 1948 to 1957. And a member of the Working Committee of the Constitutional Convention of the Government of Samoa in 1954 to 1957. He was the leader of the MAU for Atua also in 1935 till his last year for the MAU in Vaimoso 1942. He was the founder and leader of The Samoa Democratic Political Party in 1951/1953. When the New Zealand Governor-General Sir.Cyril Newall on his third visit to Samoa on June 1944, while welcoming, leader Faipule Hon J.B. Fonoti and on behalf of the Fono of Faipule, directly expressed solid criticism of the New Zealand policy. And much more directly to the New Zealand Prime Minister the Rt. Hon Mr. Peter Fraser on his visited for a special fono to discuss matters on the spot, on the 20-26th of December the same year 1944. Demands were made by leader Fono o Faipule Hon J.B. Fonoti with a list of remits presented to the Prime Minister, most of which were detailed and aimed at progressive displacement of Europeans by Samoans in administration, but which was headed by a firm request for Self-Government in Samoa after the war. PETITION IN 1944: The Petition for Self-Government in Samoa by the leader of Fono o Faipule Hon J.B. Fonoti in 1944. The United Nations approval on the 13th December 1946. The newly Samoan flag was raised on the 1st June 1948. Samoa’s Freedom confirmed!

Mother: Ann Vaelua Brown (Daughter of Alexander Brown of Ti’avea and Ainoama Su’a of Samusu).
Father: Tafea Lomano Maioa Fonoti (Son of Muaimana, the daughter of Fonoti Teoteo Tuipu’avai of Lotofaga Atua, and Tafea Elise, the son of Fonoti Letaupe Tuipalepale and Lupe Tafea Tuai’ipuniu of Mata’tufu Atua).
Married: The Holy Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception at Apia on the 18th December 1895. Officiating Minister being Rev. FR. J. Garnier S.M. Witnessed being: Filipo of Falefa, and Victor Aupito.
1. Son: Ola Mika Brown.
2. Son: Fonoti Mata’utia John Brown, Born: 17 Feb. 1901.
3. Son: Tasala Brown.
4. Daughter: Bella Brown
5. Daughter: Fiava’ai Brown.

Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown of Ti’avea at Aleipata died at the age of 86 on the 10th of August 1896, And was buried in Ti’avea village at his last permanent residence as officiated by Rev. Opapo of Mormon church.

“TI’AVEA UFA MEA (VALELEA), FAGA LE POVI LE LAVEA…” An old saying by Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown that was well known by the people of Ti’avea in Aleipata back in the days. Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown had a cattle farm, and when someone needed cattle, Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown he sometimes lend them his shotgun that when they missed a shot and wasted a bullet, Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown will say “Ti’avea Ufa Mea, Faga le Povi le Lavea”. The phrase became very popular with the people of Ti’avea back then and in memory of Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown of Ti’avea in Aleipata, Samoa. The Brown family was known and called by the people of Atua back then as “Le Au Tui-Manu’a!”. Understanding is there are Brown families of Tui-Manu’a Alexander Brown in the Manu’a island, Tutuila and Upolu Samoa.

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alexander-brown-from-leith-scotland-sealed-copy-birtha-and-baptism-aaTUIMANU’A ALEXANDER BROWN MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE TO MISS AINOAMA IN 1877



Tuimanua Alexander Brown letter by Mata'afa in 1882







(“e ufiufi a le tama’imoa i le tanoa, ae ioio lava..”)

A SPECIAL NOTE: A’e malamalama i lou gafa ma tagata na e tupuna mai ai, o le a fa’apena fo’i ona ofi atu ia te oe lagona o ia tagata. O TOA O SAMOA. Knowing your genealogy, po’o lou malamalama i le gafa a oe ma lou aiga, e atili fafaga ai le agaga ia te oe o le loto nu’u, ma lou loto aiga.



~ by Christian Brown on November 11, 2008.

20 Responses to “Paramount Chief Title Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown Of Ti’avea Aleipata (Scotishman from Great Britain)”

  1. Hi Christian tbank you for the blog, my name is Miriama and I hail from Fagaloa a direct descent of Jane Brown. There is a lot more to Jane Brown’s children, she was actually married twice both spouse were from Longa Fagaloa. I have been trying to get a family tree going but it is very hard to obtain records in Samoa especially from their archives.
    Again thank you, I now have some dates and a few more names.

    Miriama Laumea

    • Hi Miriama,
      Hoping you might be able to help. You mentioned in your post that Jane Brown married twice – I know the first was to Tupuola from Fagaloa but who was the second? Do you know their children. I too have connections to Fagaloa – in fact my family live right where they call “Afulilo”. This is so facinating – I am so excited about this research I can’t put it down. Wishing you the best of luck with your family tree. I may have some information you would be interested in. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Talofa Christian awesome blog. Do you have more information about Jane Brown? Whom she married etc? The only information I know is my grandfathers name is Lole Brown whos father is Tupuola Tauapua’a. My grandfathers sisters are Afulilo, Malu Sapolu and Taunese Langton. Wow the information you have is great im wanting to learn more!!! Fa’afetai lava!! Theres so many Browns around and yet we dont know how were linked I want to know more about Jane Brown and her family tree.
    God bless
    Much Love Faalele Jane Brown

  3. Hi Christian, it was great to read your blog of the above. I have also done some extensive research on Alexander Brown (it was I who went to the Births, Marriage and Deaths registra looking for anything on a John Brown but instead found that the palagi from Great Britian was actually Alexander Brown. He had a son name John, thus the confusion??. I was very grateful that the person in charge allowed me to make a photocopy of Alex and Ainoama’s marriage certificate with Alexanders signature.) Your Aunty Malu Sapulo also gave me a family tree of Alexander’s decendants…maybe you already have that too. I have a copy of David and Ann Bayne’s marriage certificate. Also a marriage certificate for a Kalolo Falapo (son of Mosese and Lesieli of Satitoa), and Kolopa Sieni (daughter of Tuimanuá Brown). Do you know who this Kolopa Sieni is? If you or anyone else would like to contact me…my email is or my phone number in Auckland is 5757779.

  4. Christian,
    I would like to thank you for the information you’ve shared. The documents in particular are of great intrest to me. My grandmother is Fa’amalumalugaoletuimanu’a. She knew EVERYTHING about the Brown’s. Knowledge she knew had been passed down to her by her father A.J.B. junior, son of Jane Brown. I know of Tuimanu’a . She once told me it was her lifes purpose to hold a particular piece of information about him and his spouse back in Great Britian? I began researching Alexander John Brown with grandma since 1998 and we found all sorts of information but I would still like to learn a few more things about the guy like why he came to Samoa and who the mother of his daughter Jane was.Hit me up when you get a chance………cousin.
    8082328244 Honolulu, Hawaii

  5. Hi There,

    Is there any information of Afulilo whos parents were Nuuasoa & Tupuloa Brown?
    Would like to know more about my Grandmother side of the family and have something to remember her by that I was very close to her. I hope Im in the right place.


  6. Christian,
    Yes thanks so much for posting this information. I have for a long time been searching for answers with regards to my BROWN Heritage and you have helped me on my way. A lot of the information has been handed to me by word of mouth so it’s a matter of sorting through to find truth from fiction. My family are the BROWN’s from Malaela & Mata’utia’s from Salea’aumua in Aleipata. Keep up the great work.

    Regards – Selma

  7. Christian Its great to read about your blog above of John Brown,very interesting,theyre very big family,I myself is from that lineage.My great grandmother is Ma’ina Brown from Lona Fagaloa,I dont have much to go on only her father Leofa Tupuola,and I do know her nephew Lole Brown,Malu Sapolu and the late Taunese Langton.Brown is a very big family theres quite a lot of them around and most o them are related,I also have a book about John Brown of Scotland and its confusing as it says the John Brown Im talking about is buried in England Queen Victorias butler,I just wanted to know the truth from fiction as so many stories about John Brown,also as a child I often hear my great gran mother talking about a sister Sieni(Jane)

  8. Hi There. My name is Christopher Kilisi Sola. My father’s mother was Afatasi Brown. She married Muluga Su’a/Sola from Ti’avea. Their children were Fagavili (Tauanu’u/Sola), Sa’olotoga (Sola), Tautalafua (Su’a), Afiamalu (no matai), Kilisi (Iputau from Lefaga), Isaako (Sola who was my father) and possibly Tusitala who was lost at sea whilst fishing. I don’t think theere were any girls. I have always wanted to know where my grandmother’s
    ‘BROWN’ heritage came from. Something I regret not asking my father about. I have found your blog very interesting because I have been wanting to leave some understanding of who I am to my children and theirs. Blessings 🙂 🙂

  9. Thanks Christian

    Thank you for the information shared. I’ve learned alot and read more about Samoa on this site. Than I have through books and other sites I’ve read.


    1 Question Christian. What do you know about the Ainoama Su’a Taupou that married Tagaloa Brown?

    I am of the Su’apaia lineage and bloodline. An inquiring about any information dating back to the 1600’s.





    Thank you again

  10. Hi all, i have created a blog dedicated to Alexander Brown for all his descendants to share information with if you like. Please feel free to comment, and if you know your pedigree up to Alexander, you may like to share it with us. Click on the following url link:

    Thank you, Christian Brown.

  11. Hi my name is maria Valelia Muller. My mum, Safaira Satui Mo’a is from Aleipata a direct decent of Margret brown. I have been trying to get some information of Margret Alexander B. The only information I know is my grandmother. Her name is Samoa Faleauto whos mother is Olive. So i want to know more about Margret Brown and her family tree. Faafetai lava Maria Valelia Mo’a Muller

  12. Thank You Christian for sharing this information and made it available for all of us.

    Lots of love

    Salome and I am a decented of Ann Vaelua Brown

  13. Hi Christian …
    I have been searching for such a long long time for this information and I have to say a big thank you for sharing what you must have had for some time. My grandmother Ma’ina was one of Jane Brown’s daughters and that’s all I know. The information you have shared is so fascinating and it’s wonderful to see and read that so many of our Brown family members would dearly like to also find out about this side of the family.

    I would really love to know about Ma’ina’s sisters and their families as I don’t have any information about them.

    The Brown family is so spread out and having read the comments on your blog, I sense a big need for a Brown family reunion and I do hope that sometime soon we will see this happen. I would hate to think that I walk past a family member on the Auckland streets and don’t even know them!!

  14. Hi all,WOW this is fascinating and it’s wonderful to read that so many of our Brown family members have the same interest of trying to find out about this side of the family,my name is Nita Tafili daughter of Emele Brown Tafili the son of Olive Brown my grandmother ,this is why i have a uncle name Alexander(Alex) and John (Ioane) because of Alexander Brown,,,love to find out more about my grandmothers side,if she had any sisters or agree with Christian ,would hate to think that I walk past a family member on the Auckland streets and don’t even know them!!
    Thank you
    Nita Tafili

  15. Hi All, My name is Sosefina, my mother is Eseta Aumua of Samusu Aleipata, My grandmother is Mile Aumua, Emma is my Great- grandma, she’s a daughter of Ainoama Sua and Alexander Brown.

    Thanks very much Christian, I totally agree with you. we are in Auckland, I would love to meet you.

  16. Thank you so much for this blog and the information contains therein. I am one of Grandma Maína’s grand daughter. I understand that my grandma Mai’na parents were Tupuola AUVALE and Jane Brown. Would you have any information on whom Tupuola Auvale’s parents were and his birth&death dates? That would be so helpful.
    Fa’afetai tele lava for your blog.

  17. Hi there I am a a AUT student just researching my family tree and just going back and found a line to Rosa and John Brown apparantly a business man with a large coconut plantation ? Just wondering if you know any info about his line?

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