Footnotes On History of Samoa Recorded By Historians: 1800/1900’s

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Tala Ole Gafa Ole Aiga Sa-Levalasi o Samoa

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Kingdom By The Three Powers Vs The Kingdom By Samoan Customs, And Hon J.B. Fonoti Government Appointments Of His Wish For Samoa.

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Paramount Chief Title Tuimanu’a Alexander Brown Of Ti’avea Aleipata (Scotishman from Great Britain)

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A Special Post In Memory And Dedication To J.B. Fonoti and His Le Aiga Sa-Fonoti (by the Webmaster)

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Original Documents On Hon J.B. Fonoti Govt. Appointments Of His Wish For Samoa 1954-57. His Petition For Self-Goverment in Dec 1944 And The United Nations Approval in Dec 1946.

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O Le Mavaega A Queen Salamasina Le Ulua’i Tupu Tafa’ifa O Samoa.

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